The Texas Society for Public Health Education (TSOPHE) consists of and represents students and public health education professionals across the state of Texas and in various settings (academic institutions, community-based organizations, health care settings, schools, businesses, and local and state agencies). TSOPHE seeks to provide stewardship for the field of public health education and support professional development in order to advance health outcomes. Membership in TSOPHE serves as an opportunity to be engaged in local efforts to advocate for the profession and professional development in order to maximize effectiveness as a practitioner!

Why be a TSOPHE Member?

The benefits of membership are endless and rewarding.

Through membership you will:

build a professional identity,
participate in leadership activities and make a contribution to your community,
promote professional practice and preparation standards,
participate in national advocacy efforts,
receive newsletters and a membership directory,
receive Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) continuing education credits and reduced fees for TSOPHE conferences, and
participate in the sharing of ideas through networking and peer exchange.

How To Join TSOPHE

The TSOPHE membership period is from January 1 to December 31.

Annual dues for regular TSOPHE memberships are $30.00. The student/retiree fee is $20.00.

To Join TSOPHE please click the Online Application link.